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  • Phone number: + 33661348304
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Customers, Who are using our food ordering and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Applications . On that basis we provide recommendations to restaurant owners to make changes in Menu, Employees and timings for fast service .
We provide Digital marketing Application to post Ads on 7 plus different social media marketing in few clicks . As well as Email and SMS campaign.
To handle easily , We made three different applications 1) Restaurant Owner Application 2) Customer Application 3) driver Application
We take 1-2 month minimum for development , testing and production launch.
We provide life time free technical support to our loyal customer.
We believe in providing best customer experience . Initially we provide free services so that customer can get experience and if customer is not satisfied with our services they can discontinue with our services without any support cost.
For android google play store takes 10-15 days to get published .
As of now , We are providing 12/7 support from morning 9:00 AM to 21:00 PM.
We provide different types of web and mobile application services on monthly Subscription basis.
We are working on innovative projects to analyse and resolve problem with the help of Machine learning .


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