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With the rise in technological advancement, every modern web user out there is now looking for a personalised user experience whether when it comes to web applications. Having a web application that is highly secure as well as scalable is need of the hour while one further expects it to be productive with multiple modern features to put the user at ease.

The web applications ever since their existence have been developed with a focus to offer unprecedented user experience, and that has formed the basis of web development from ages. The evolution in a web application has reached heights due to the significant advancement in technology. However, customers out there still wish for something extraordinary or out of the box that screams perfection.

Since the users are now more keen on getting customized content with an exemplary UX, the role of Artificial Intelligence in the web application is rising at lightning speed. Hopefully, it’s not going to stop so soon.

Artificial Intelligence has paved its way into technology by redefining the traditional web development techniques and infusing them with new concepts that entirely focus on offering a better UX.

To delve further into the topics, let’s first understand AI (Artificial Intelligence):

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is field of study in computer science which focuses on making the computer and its applications smart



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